Creating Your Wedding 

 I treat weddings with the full respect and honor that they deserve.  I feel strongly that this is the day of the Bride and Groom, not my day. The ceremony should be fashioned exactly as you want it. I will work closely with you to craft the kind of wedding ceremony that best suits your wishes and your dreams. This wedding has to reflect the way you envision the joining of your heart and mind to your beloved. 

To this end I provide you with a booklet Creating Your Own Wedding Ceremony. There are many choices in this booklet which you may use verbatim or to adapt  as you wish. But you are not limited to what is in those pages. If you find something that you like better, whether it be on the Internet, or in a book, or from a wedding you attended, by all means use that. Certainly, you are encouraged to choose the readings you like—and to have your relatives or friends do the readings. This is, after all, your day and it should be as you would like. 

As well as assisting to design the cermony, I will plan to meet with both of you, the Bride and Groom, at least twice. The first meeting is a chance for us to get to know each other. You should be comfortable with the minister whom you chose to officiate your marriage ceremony. If for any reason you are not, there is no cost or obligation. The initial consultation usually goes well and once you decide  you would like me to conduct your wedding, we can then commence planning your ceremony. After I share my wedding booklet with you, I give you homework! It is now your labor of love to fashion the ceremony as you would like it. 

Both of you should carefully read the booklet and make your decisions about the ceremony. I also have the ceremonies on a floppy disc. Many couples E-mail me their ceremony, and I may send back some suggestions. Then we meet a second time to finalize the ceremony. We will discuss any concerns or questions regarding your big day. The wedding day is yours and I officiate it, making it personal and intimate, including all that you wish.

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